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Mounting wind deflector

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  • Mounting wind deflector

    I have a wind deflector that I got from Carbon-bits, and would like to be able to switch back and forth between it and the regular windshield. This looks like it would be easy, except that there is an interior panel covering the area to access the nuts on the inside of the stanchion bolts. This panel is riveted in. I'm thinking of just cutting down or removing the panel. Any other ideas from those of you who've put these wind deflectors on?


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    I have the same kit and just removed the panel to reach the nuts (in the car, that is). There were a few wires behind the rhs panel that I simply tie wrapped up.

    Hasn't bothered me since.

    /Magnus F.


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      I don't have the knee guards fitted to my car, but they are "supposed" to be fitted with screws so you can easily (?) remove them. I've heard of other folks drilling holes in them so they can get to the screws. Alternatively you can fit a piece with "captive nuts" so that you only have to have access to the outer bolt. Carbon-bits has the captive nuts - but I believe it is a std Caterham part.
      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        I drilled and tapped the knee panel holes for 10-32 screws and would use button head cap screws if I ever get around to putting the panels in.

        If they are held in with rivets just drill them out. I think they are 5/32 rivets.

        My chart says #21 (.159) is the drill size for tapping 10-32. 5/32 is .156 and might be close enough.

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          Thanks for the advice. My panels and sandwiched between the lower panels and the frame, so I'll have to remove those rivets. It sounds like I would be better off without them for now, though!