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  • Fresh off the dyno

    After driving the Zetec for about a month after the rebuild, I took it back to the shop and had them dyno tune it. I asked them to tune it more for a good torque curve than peak HP. They did about 20 runs total, using 91 octane gas. They ended up with cam timing of +2 degrees intake, -2 degrees exhaust per David L.'s recommendations, which did seem to be the best for the torque curve. The timing ended up being 25 degrees advance at lower rpm's and 26 degrees advance at higher rpm's. A/F ratios ranged from 12.4 to 13.

    I'm very happy with the way it runs. The first dyno run showed 120 hp, and was due to the throttle linkage not opening fully. After adjusting the throttle linkage it was up to 150 hp. After tuning the final was 162 RWHP and 139 RWTQ. I thought it was strong before today, so when I drove it home I was amazed at the power. Feels stronger than my Z06! Although the peak RWHP isn't as much as I'd expect, the torque curve is great!

    Engine specs:

    1998 ZX1 Zetec from Ford Contour
    Oversized valves, ported heads
    Kent FZ 2002 cams (.435 lift, 278 deg duration both intake and exhaust)
    10:1 compression
    Jenvey intake
    Emerald ECU
    Forged internals with billet oil pump
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    Get ready to start really enjoying your 7!!


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      The important thing about using a chassis dyno is to come off with more HP than you started with.