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    I privated a new builder this today and thought that maybe other would like to know:

    When you get to the point of attaching the cycle wings, consider the Bighead Fastener / glue / zip tie approach. It's simple to do, it's flexible and the wings are easily centered and are removeable.

    I used Araldite 2500 epoxy (hard to find but worth the hunt) for gluing the CF wings. I buzzed away at the marked fastener spots w/ the Dremel to key the material on the underside of the wing, mixed the glue and attached the fasteners. It took about 4 hours for the glue to set up to useable strength but I waited overnight. The Araldite is amazingly strong - it's used for gluing CF tubes to metal (Ti mostly) lugs by bicycle frame mfgrs, and the auto industry to stick cars together as well.

    To protect the foam from degradation / ozone disintegration (oh, that SoCal living!) I put 2 pieces of the foam tape on the wingstays and then slipped a 1" dia. length of heat shrink over it all. A little blast from the heat gun and presto. It provides protection for the foam and also helps to dampen the vibrations. It looks good too.

    I have leftover everything - glue, Bigheads etc. If anyone out there is going down this road let me know.

    Btw, Bighead were wonderful - they sent me the fasteners foc, and paid nearly 12 English Lbs. postage in the doing. Their check is in the mail.
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