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  • communications

    Are any of the tourers planning on using a cb or other car to car radio? I have an intercom and am planning on using a FRS radio.
    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    I can bring 2 FRS walkie-talkies. You are right, it might come handy sometimes, although the reach is somewhat limited (and I can not hear it when driving). Maybe one for the support truck.



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      I have two FRS radios you can borrow if you want them.

      These include headsets which can voice activate so you don't need the PTT switch.

      I may have some headsets with PTT switches too.

      The voice activated ones work but are fiddly.



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        new headsets?

        I'm thinking of investing in a set of these:
        headset bulk buy

        This has been arranged by one of the chaps on the list, but is open to all.

        Kit comprises:

        Dual earpiece Microcom3, with Nylon boom mic, windshield, and the new
        shallow ear moulding (so it can be used with or without helmet)

        A 7-PIN DIN Autocom plug fitted, and wired for stereo use. (Other plugs may
        be available, but you may need to supply the wiring pin out)

        A selection of standard ear buds in a variety of sizes

        P&P to UK Mainland address

        Price #75 per kit including VAT

        Option of additional custom ear-buds with impressions done at Beckenham or
        Aylesbury, #70.50 (inc vat) Additional P&P if not ordered with above kit

        Option of additional custom ear-buds with impressions supplied by user from
        another Audiologist #29.38 inc VAT

        Orders will need to be placed using the link above.
        Tom "ELV15" Jones