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    I just got a new Zumo:

    It's Garmin's new gps device geared toward motorcyclists, but seems well suited to a Seven. Besides normal gps functions, it will speak street names (instead of "turn right in 100 feet", it will say "turn right on Sycamore St."). It also has a built-in mp3 player, jpeg viewer, Bluetooth wireless capability, and you can get XM satellite radio/traffic as an option. Maybe not sexy as Gert's refrigerator/microwave/plasma tv install, but the Zumo only weighs 10 oz.!


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    i picked up a Plenio 7" thingy i need to wire in for july. ease of view was most important for me. as lopnh as it can store plenty of maps and locate me i would be set!
    2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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      Very nice :)

      makes my good old (18 months) Quest really look obsolete.

      Well, anyway, I will probably hang on to it for a while. The price tag for the Zumo is still a little steep. The best price I have seen so far was $675. Yikes....



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        Yes, I was very happy with my Quest 2 unit. However, my wife would get frustrated with it because it didn't say the street names, as I mentioned above. So buying the Zumo had nothing to do with my wants or desires or the upcoming tour, I just wanted to make her happy ;)
        (and please don't mention the price when she is nearby!)