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    Hello to all;
    A few months ago it was proposed that the '07 Tour include a visit to the Ariel Atom facility in Ashland, Or. Any more info available or decisions made? A small group of us sprint car fans/friends are convoying in our motorhomes to Knoxville, IA for the Knoxville Nationals and other events from 8/2 - 8/11. I'm hoping to be home in time for at least some part of your touring itinerary as you pass through Oregon. If you stop for a visit in Ashland, I'm guessing it'll be after you leave Crater Lake, which will be towards the end of your route. I'd welcome the opportunity to meet those of you who I've only read about and hear of your adventures.
    With Best Regards,
    Jim F.

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    yes it was planned to visit Brammo. I talked with the manager and they are willing to host us, provided they don't move the facility at this time which was not sure.

    However, we turned the tour around and now we happen to come through Ashland on Sunday, 8/19. I did not talk with them again but I kind of doubt they would be available on a Sunday.

    But, if you are in the area we might meet for Lunch if you know a good place.



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      It couldn't hurt to ask, Gert. I don't have a marketing degree, but if I owned Brammo, and I knew a large group of people with a demonstrated understanding and appreciation for minimalist sports cars were going to be passing through town on my day off, I think I might just go ahead and open up on just that Sunday.
      - Sean