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Update 8/27/06, request for confirmation and a possible route change

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  • Update 8/27/06, request for confirmation and a possible route change

    Summer is coming to an end and I had promised another update about this time. Tour start is less than a year from now and I need to get going with hotel reservations. In the meantime I spent a vacation week in Northern California, checking out some of the back roads for next year. Just FABULOUS....little traffic most of the time, winding and great scenery (bring some puking pills for the passengers). It also gave me an idea that I will explain further down.

    Before I turn on the travel agent I need to do some housekeeping with my mailing/participants list. Therefore I would appreciate a prompt feedback :)
    As it stands now the list of likely participants is as follows:

    1 Gert Burkhardt 99% SoCal 1998 Birkin S3-Zetec
    2 Tom Jones 90% NorCal 2003 Caterham Clubsport - Duratec
    3 John Haskey 75% NorCal
    4 Stan Sadorf 100% SoCal Birkin S3
    5 George Hillard 90% NC Birkin S3
    6 Mitch Leben 10% TX Birkin S3
    7 Chuck Spera 90% Midwest WCM S2k
    8 Ed Hudson 80% SC Caterham
    9 John Christensen 99% WA Westfield SEiW (2.0L Duratec)
    10 Rob Robertson 50% TX Westfield Seight S2000
    11 Mike Johnson 90% OR Westfield Sei
    12 Tom Meacham 75% Alaska Caterham
    13 Steve Montgomery 25% Missouri
    14 Greg Hammond 75% NorCal
    15 Mark Bondurant 90% Midwest Caterham
    16 Dick Brink 75% TX Birkin S3
    17 Skip Cannon 90% Colorado Caterham SV 2004 / Miata
    18 Bob Simon 85% Colorado 1994 Caterham HPC/XE
    19 Neil Balfour 50% Saskatchewan Caterham CSR200
    20 Brad Underdahl 75% SoCal Caterham
    21 Dan Holtman 75% NorCal Birkin S3
    22 Louise Rutter 99% WA 2006 Caterham SV
    23 Hal Strong 80% WA Caterham CSR260
    24 David Williams 75% MI Caterham X-Flow

    Weighed Sum: 18.4 Probable Participants

    If you are on this list please check the information and let me know any changes or fill in missing pieces.

    If you are not on this list but would like to come along for the tour please let me know immediately with the relevant information. I may have missed something.

    If you are not on this list and don't care about the tour, don't worry. You will be eliminated (from the mailing list, that is) and not receive further email.

    As it stands, we will probably have some 18 cars on this tour. Just the right size for me :) is the big question (and please answer only if you are on the list above):
    Driving up the coast in NorCal, it occurred to me that it would be much nicer to drive this piece from north to south. Better views of the ocean from the beach side lane and much better opportunity to slip out on a vista point for some pics without running into opposite traffic. I can not come up with a serious disadvantage but I would like to put this up for vote: Should we turn the whole tour around and start with the inland leg along the Cascade Range, Portland etc. and come back south along the coast? After all, we are driving along the coast for several days.

    Please let me know you opinion soon!! It is obviously important for the hotel reservation business.



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    Sent reply on the Se7ens list but then you are using this media.
    The inland route first makes sense to me.
    Vote me for Cascades first.
    chuck spera


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      Chuck, I got your earlier reply, duly noted.....
      I am dropping the mailing list (which is otherwise very nice and useful) to keep all tour info in one place. I can direct mail all important updates and for general discussions such a forum is more convenient.



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        Still 75% probability, thought I would update the car info:

        2000 Caterham X-flow

        I'm starting a new job tomorrow and if I save all my vacation days between now and then I should be o.k. Or maybe I can arrange a l-o-a...

        I too vote for North to South along the coast. I recently returned from a 2500 mile road trip to Spokane and back and drove some great roads in my 7, er that's my RX-7.

        Bonny Doon, CA


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          I just stumbled across your tour. I live in Kelowna - any chance I can meet up with you folk for the Okanagan stint of your tour? That may all depend on if you can endure the tagging along of a Locost (grin).



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            You bet,

            and you may have noticed that we don't have hard-core brand-fetishists among us. You are more than welcome to join all or any small piece of the tour.

            As I am right now in hotel selection mode....Any good proposal for a nice mid-range place to stay in Kelowna? I have an offer from the Day's Inn but I don't like the rate and the hotel features.




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              The Days Inn is in a rather sketchy part of town. Probably nice inside, though.

              The Ramada often has car clubs stay there, the Thunderbird Club of BC (among other clubs) stay there, and often hold a show and shine. My sweetie and I stayed there on our Honeymoon. Nice place.

              The upper end is The Grand. Very nice. Very upper end. A wack of Lambroghinis/Ferraris/etc. from Alberta stay there when they're in town.

              The Accent Inn might be another good one, more middle-of-the-road.