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  • Another questionnaire sent out

    I sent another mail to the folks on my "interested" list for the PNW tour with a few more detail questions about timing and route. Please write me an e-mail or a private message on this site with your email address if you did not receive it.



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    So far I had 12 replies on my last questions. Voting result so far is:

    For the timing:
    - Late August 6
    - Early August 3
    - Don't care 3

    For the Cities:
    - Better road driving 8
    - City would be nice 1
    - Don't care 3

    To allow close Seven relatives:
    - Yes 9
    - No 0
    - Well, maybe 3

    To visit Brammo (US Atom)
    - Yes 11
    - No 0
    - Don't Care 1

    If I don't get a dozen more votes or so next 2 weeks with other opinions it looks like we are going as follows:

    Schedule: Last 2 weeks of August ending with the Labor day weekend. There will be more traffic the last 2 days but then we will be already back to Northern California. However, we gain 1 day and can delay the return to Sunday. Advantage for this time period should be less traffic overall and slightly better weather.

    We will not go to Vancouver and Tacoma but rather make a loop through the mountains of British Columbia/Washington State. We will however visit Victoria and Portland.

    It IS a Sevens tour but Atoms and car of similar lunatic value will be accepted.

    We will try go to Brammo for a visit.

    Any further feedback is appreciated.

    Cheers, Gert