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Is the event still on?

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  • Is the event still on?

    Hi Gert,

    I'm here in Dallas visiting our folks before we move to Australia and Dad was asking whether or not the event is still happening? He's not seen anything in a very long time so I thought I'd check to see what's up...


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    Oh yes!!!!

    It is just that there is limited things do do right now. I am waiting for some feedback from John Christensen on the pick of roads around his area. Also there haven been questions about the timing of the tour that needs to be addressed soon. So there will be another update in short time.

    Otherwise I am still planning to finalize route and times by May, get commitments of who would be going by June/July and start on the hotels in August. Probably I will use Groople to make reservations.



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      Oops! Sorry for the delay Gert. I've been swamped at work getting our new beta out. You have mail.

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