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  • Welcome.

    This forum is dedicated, under Gert's supervision, to the planning of our 2006/2007 (exact year to be determined) Pacific Northwest tour.

    When we have a year nailed, I'll rename the forum accordingly.

    /Magnus F.

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    Count me in

    I just signed up for the forum because I heard of the possibility of a tour. I joined the se7ens USA2005 tour for the day at Sear's Point and it was a blast. I am interested in joining up, so keep me in the loop.



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      Ted: Just check in on this website occasionally and you will be up to speed. Other events from blats to trackdays will also be discussed if you are looking to hang out with other 7ers. Brad


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        Welcome Ted! And thanks again to Magnus for the meeting place. For the folks who are coming in through this thread please give me feedback on the following questions (from another thread...). I am trying to find the combination of most common interest. I think I will collect this for a month and then propose a timeframe and maybe more details about some possible routes.

        Originally posted by slomove
        Please answer the questions below (e.g. "absolutely", "preferred", "maybe" or "no way") according to your preference and send back to me by private message (button below). This questionnaire assumes generally a loop up the Pacific Coast from CA to BC and somehow back inland. 3 weeks might allow for a larger loop through e.g. Yellowstone or more rest days for local driving, sightseeing etc.

        I will tally and publish the replies.

        Tour in 2006?
        Tour in 2007?
        During Summer?
        May or September?
        Total 2 weeks?
        Total 3 weeks, more 2-day stays?
        Total 3 weeks, larger loop?
        Total 2 1/2 weeks incl. July 4 holiday?
        Rest/sightseeing days 20%?
        Rest/sightseeing days 30%?
        For SoCal: Car shipping to/from NorCal desired (save 2-3 days)?
        Parking for tow car/trailer needed?
        Loose organization with hotel self-booking preferred?
        Central organization with hotel group booking preferred?

        Any other ideas?

        Lessons learned/confirmed in USA2005:
        - The average daily distance should be less than 300 miles.
        - 1 or 2 days with 400 miles are still O.K.
        - A support truck/trailer is almost mandatory to keep the troups together
        - Some rest/local driving days are needed

        Official start/end point could be e.g. S.F., Sacramento, Oakland etc.

        Thanks, Gert


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          2006/7 Tour

          Just thought that a trip in the Pacific Northwest should include a tour across the border to Vancouver Island where we build the fastest road going Caterham Super 7s and have some of the best Seven motoring roads anywhere.Please keep us posted on your plans. Cheers. David Saville Peck. CEO Super 7 Cars Inc.


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            Gert, contact me if you want help with the (in)sanity of doing this event...i might even bring my car, or beg Ben & Nathan for a demo car


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              Dave, Vancouver Island is definitely high on the priority list. Once that is decided I will consult with you (and all other interested locals) what to do and where to drive. Any track opportunity in your area? It is somewhat restricted with tour-prepared cars (e.g. helmets?) but I had a request already.

              Thanks for the offer!



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                Originally posted by Steve-B
                Gert, contact me if you want help with the (in)sanity of doing this event...i might even bring my car, or beg Ben & Nathan for a demo car
                Yeah, probably quite crazy but I liked the tour a lot and want to do that again.
                BUT.....for now I am just planning to establish the framework and may end up organizing hotels, support and communication. Not too bad, especially I can find a capable travel service. I am not planning to organize any transport of how everybody gets to the starting place. I have seen the nightmare (ahem, I mean interesting challenge) you and Vinnie had and prefer to stay out of that.

                Be sure I will draw on your experience if any questions come up! It would be great to see you or anybody else from USA2005 there. Just imagine the nice twisty and uncrowded roads they have up there......And the scenery!



                P.S.: They do have speed limits (even in Montana)


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                  Count me in for this one anytime anyplace am sure we could get at least one container of cars to come over from the uk.



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                    I've been dreaming about a Rt 101 drive ever since I built my StalkerV6.
                    Perhaps if I get comitted to a specific date I'll find a way to do it.
                    Biggest challenge, of course, would be getting the car from Connecticut and back. I suppose that's why I bought a trailer.

                    Maybe a couple more East-Coasters might want to charter a truck?

                    Please keep me on the list.

                    Jim www.Lotus6.Com
                    Jim Gunther


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                      If you are going to the island you should check out these


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                        Gert, did you get my PM? I'm definitely very interested. Would love to make up for the fact that I wasn't able to do USA2005.

                        Was thinking more last night. If the plan is to come back inland for the run back down, I would think Glacier National Park area over in Montana would be very, very nice to drive back down through if it's feasible. Don't know enough of the area to know whether/how it might fit in to the larger oute, though.



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                          Biggest challenge, of course, would be getting the car from Connecticut and back
                          Thats not a challenge try shipping from the uk now thats a challenge :D



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                            >>>Thats not a challenge try shipping from the uk now thats a challenge :D

                            Yeah, I thought that AFTER I posted it.

                            Have to tell you how envious I am of anyone who can take the nearly 3 weeks and go 1/3 around the world to play with yor car.

                            I hope you guys had as much fun doin' it as we did following your exploits.

                            Jim Gunther


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                              Tour preferences

                              My preferences for the tour:
                              2007 very late summer or early fall (2006 is too close for planning)
                              Something like 2 1/2 weeks would be best for me
                              Fewer Rest/sightseeing days, more tiny twisty roads
                              The tiny twisties could be in the form of side trips so others in the group
                              could treat those as rest days - something for everyone
                              Definitely combine with at least one track day. I hear Seattle has an awesome track
                              I have an aluminum open tandem wheel trailer that could be used for
                              support, but I don't want to tow it, I want to drive and I don't have a hitch
                              on my car :wink: .


                              P.S. I hope you don't mind my car is not a Caterham.