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  • New member in San Diego

    I've just bought a used '98 Superlight Zetec. Any other members in San Diego? I plan on doing some road courses with Speedventures, and maybe getting back into autocrossing.

    Justin Heil

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    Yes, Brad (Roll a 7) will probably contact you shortly. In fact, I'm surprised he didn't know you were getting a Seven before you did! ;)

    Welcome to the club and I'm sure I'll see you at an event soon.



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      Yup, it's me. There are quite a few 7 variants in SD county. A fella with two in Clairemont, two more with a gent in El Cajon, a couple in a garage in RSF, three living with an over the top 7 enthusiast in Alpine, a BMW dealer employee in Escondido with two SCCA racecars, single cars in PB, Oceanside, Carlsbad, possibly a female owner in Del Mar, La Mesa, Escondido, around Scripps Ranch, a recently delivered kit in Santee, two fine Brit engineers in Chula Vista have built a couple of very interesting versions, a techie guy in La Jolla, Series IV Lotus cars in Escondido & somewhere else (sorry Jacques) and likely a few more we haven't yet uncovered around the town. I'm in the PB area.

      As a bit of unsolicited advice, the owners are basically the dealer network and to a considerable extent we help each other where/when possible. BEFORE you EVER take the car out to have something done by persons unlikely to be familiar with the car, and its problems, please post your problem on this thread. Among us it is probable that somebody has already done what you are contemplating and can offer good advice. I know of one instance where an owner would have saved MANY thousands of dollars by just asking the rest of us. As an owner and now member of the automotive lunatic fringe car set you are eligible to receive our collective efforts at 7 wisdom.

      Please give us more details on your car and tell us where in SD county you reside.

      A few of us are likely to be in action @ QUALCOMM stadium on sunday afternoon, June 24 (autocross). Brad
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        I profoundly apologize to anyone that I may have inadvertently ommitted in my listing of SD 7s!!


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          Looking forward to meeting you guys. I'll come by Qualcomm on Sunday. I unfortunately(?) already took the car in to JBA racing for engine diagnosis, and am having them rebuild my zetec. It was in pretty bad shape. After some of the advice I've received here, I'm not sure it was the best option, but I should end up with a strong, reliable engine. I'll look forward to picking your brain on Sunday!



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            That is one week from this next sunday.

            Will you be driving the car on the street and is it CA legal? Where did you get the car from. I try to keep track of 7s around CA and the west (somewhat).


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              Bought it from Denis Aldrich in Monterey. It's street legal, registered in CA.


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                Thought that might be the car. Another gent looking for a 7 took a hard look at it a month or two back and decided to spend a bit less on a 7. Will you be able to do the AutoX with us next week?


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                  Unfortunately, I won't have the car back until July. They estimated 3 to four weeks on the engine build. I only had the car two days before I took it to the shop, and I can't wait to get it back. I will come out next Sunday, though.

                  I knew I was paying a lot for a car that needed a lot of work, but compared to trying to get a new one and licensing it, I think I'll come out OK. I figure $5000 for the engine, another $3000 - $5000 on the suspension, brakes, and safety equipment, and it should be ready for the track. The carbon fiber is cracked in a lot of places, but for now I'm OK with that. The suspension is pretty rusty, so I'll have to sand and repaint it. I like tinkering in the garage, so this will give me plenty of opportunity for that!


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                    If you have not yet bought the suspension stuff it might be prudent to solicit some opinions on what works best. This thread, and blatchat, are excellent places to start.


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                      Thanks for all the great advice! I do have some questions about suspension, but will probably try out what I've got for a little while. It has a widetrack front suspension, and I ordered the new front hub assemblies. The shocks are bilstein coilovers, with what I assume are original springs. It has a front sway bar, but not back. I am guessing this will be fine for the track to start with?


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                        By the way, I've been trying to register with the Lotus Seven Club's Blatchat, but have not recieved any approval for registering and can't seem to log in until I do. Anyone else have trouble registering with them?


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                          You have to be a paying member to post on Blatchat.

                          There is an entry form here:

                          You can read it for free, just not post. You'll get the magazine too.