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newbie here - thikning of getting one

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  • newbie here - thikning of getting one

    hey guys newb here, i posted ont he wrong section i believe are ther any drives etc meets that is happeningin the socal area Im in the orange ocunty north orange, buena park, ca to be exact..

    im thinkingof getting one ina year or so but i want to start my research on it...
    i appreciatte alyour help..

    difference in chassis, engines etc etc.. ive been to the caterham usa website buti m getting a bit confused lol...

    thanks again...


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    You need to meet Magnus. He lives in Newport Beach.

    There are plenty of good choices in the 7 varieties. Pretty much there is a seat for every A$$, depending upon your checkbook.


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      Get one! You will not regret it.


      There is a lot to learn/research. Your best bet is to hook up with someone local (or even better come to a trackday - there is an event at Buttonwillow coming up soon). It is SO much easier to figure it out if you see a couple of cars and talk to the owners. Each one has it's own personality - I'm refering to the car here...the owners are another story!

      ...feel free to chat it up here too. We are all pretty rabbid about se7ens and love to help out.


      Tom "ELV15" Jones