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  • OK...I got one

    Hi to all, I said better than a year ago that I was going to get a Cat/Birkin for my 40th birthday. Well April has come and gone, but the wait was worth it. I picked up my Birkin on Sept 2 from Woody Harris and I have put 600 miles on it since. I have the sun burns to prove it (30 spf does not cut it). I love this car!!!!!! I bought a green and bare Birkin and I will probaly have it painted BRG at a later date. I just though you all would like to know....I am one of the family now. By the way, there are some pretty confused motorcycle riders in my area that got passed over the weekend :) I will post some pictures once I have something that is worth posting.

    Scott Spiess

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    Smart move!! You have likely changed your life more than you may realize.

    Some things likely to change: How you spend your time; how you spend extra $$$; websurfing habits; and you have likely acquired a bunch of new friends if you are like most of us ( 7 nutcases). Welcome aboard!!! See you on the track one day...


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      herro der!:)
      2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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        Welcome to the fold

        Hi Scott,

        Welcome to our world! Keep us posted as you get used to the car and start upgrading! ;)

        Please join us for trackdays or for a local blat.

        There is also a two week long tour being organized for next year.

        Roll A 7, "websurfing habits" - OH YEA! This is so true!


        Tom "ELV15" Jones