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  • New member in NY

    on thursday, i picked up a 2002 SV with 759 miles on the odometer.:D
    I will proudly say it will not stay a garage queen.

    it was nearly everything i wanted on a 7, and I have wanted one for nearly 2 decades;
    de dion SV
    green w/ yellow nose and stripe.
    cycle fenders
    cloth seats
    4 pt harnesses
    weather package
    140hp zetec that runs 87 octane
    5 speed tranny

    my feelings, simply amazing.
    2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green

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    I believe this was the SV on ebay recently? I was surprised how low the mileage was.
    Looks like you will have enough good weather to really enjoy it before winter comes. It was 112 degrees here today, not good se7ens driving weather :( I did fiddle with it some this morning, which is almost as enjoyable as driving!
    Have fun,


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      Yes it was. was up top see it in late May when i went to the northeast Subaru meet, since it was located basically down the road.

      I have had a blast driving the last few days. Today i finally drove it w/o the side panels. It does generate a bunch of heat.
      2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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        Welcome to the lunatic fringe of sports car ownership. Among us, you are normal!! Enjoy 7 ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          About the heat issue:
          Originally posted by Boxologist
          It does generate a bunch of heat.
          a) get used to it and ignore it
          b) read about a hundred Internet posts about how to fix this (including a few that I wrote) and join the footwell heat experimentation league
          c) once you are done with that (results may vary) get used to it :)

          Have fun! Gert


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            I will be used to it and I will have fun ;-)

            i may get the headers ceramic coated if they ever need to come off and maybe i'll put some reflective sound deadening on the inside of teh firewall next summer.
            2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green