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  • Not entirely new... been away for awhile


    Time to get reacquainted with fellow Se7eners. Been working to hard... and loving it. Moved up to LA from SAn Diego. Put in double adjustable AVOs. Most importantly, put in a roll cage so that I feel safe enough to do some road courses... and survive the drive to/from the track. I haven't been down to an autox for awhile or said hello for that matter, but I'm back and ready to get to a track!

    Scott Rushworth
    '73 Europa TC (new project)
    '89 Esprit SE
    '01 Westfield Megabusa
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    Our next event will be with NASA @ Buttonwillow the second weekend of April. We should have an excellent group of 7s with some of the NoCal guys joining the fun. You will love this track.

    Did you ever turbo your Westy?


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      No turbo yet. I have some research to do on the latest SCCA rules... it looks like I may no longer have a class, as it looks like motoorcycle engine powered cars are pretty much banned. Hope I'm missing something. I don't know about NASA rules yet, but need to make sure it's legal to turbo. Hope to compete with this car. Plenty of other fun things to do to it in the meantime... electric shift, pull out the reverse box and do an electric reverse, aeroscreen (are they street legal?), new seats, etc.

      Count me in for Buttonwillow. I'll go get registered. Hoping for something sooner... thought I saw a driving school in March?



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        Turbos are, as far as I know, legal, but you will get penalty points that may kick you up a class.

        You are welcome to join me in the full blown racing class where I lie in a fetal position beside my supercharger while the Carrera GTs and Enzos are checking me out as lunch.

        /Magnus F.