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  • A newbie in Marin

    Hello Se7eners!

    I just found you guys through Blat Chat. I finally got my Seven registered for CA usage! Horrah!! :D It was quite the saga, as I'm sure a lot of you know. Bought the car from Caterham England(1992 long cockpit DeDion 1600 x-flow sprint) drove to Italy where I was living. To ensure I could get the car in to CA, I had the motor removed and shipped seperately from the chassis. Had Richard Campena assemble it, then did the SB100 thing. There is more to it of course, but that is the brief tale.

    Couple of pics

    So are there any other Sevens here in Marin? Hope to meet you all eventually!


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    Welcome, Mark. I'll bet the drive from England to Italy was great in the 7! Hopefully it wasn't in the winter.
    - Sean


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      DesmoDork:Welcome to the lunatic fringe of car ownership in the USA. Tell us more about yourself and the 7. Did you traverse Raticosa Pass into Italia? Gotta do that one a few times before I exit this earth!!

      Are you a Brit or a yank?



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        I'm going to guess Mark is a Brit, for two reasons:
        1) He found Blatchat before he found this forum, and...
        2) He used the word "ensure" where most Yanks would have (incorrectly) used "insure". :eek:

        OT here --- Brad - Thanks very much for the road test you mailed me. From all I've learned about DMV and SB100 in my past 2-1/2 years of 7 research, I suspect it may be quite useful. It is almost certain I would not have found that road test or something similar on my own. I owe you a beer, at least!
        - Sean


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          I am barely a Brit. Born there, but moved to Marin when I was 5, so basically Californian with English undertones. We still have tea with spotted dick with my parents!:rolleyes:

          Here are a few pics from the car pickup at Caterham. It was February :eek: and the rain was comin' down all the way until I hit France! I will attest to how well the heater works though! It was an excellent adventure...worth the price of the car alone!


          I will post the whole story at some point. :cool: