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  • Hi to all

    Correction, I have bought a green and bare aluminum Birkin S3 on Sept 2. Woody hooked me up.

    Scott Spiess

    Hi to all....I stumbled onto this site because I am interested in picking up a 7. I have found an incredible amount of positive feedback from everyone. Thank you. A little history on me:

    Buying 7 for my 40th birthday (next april...get it early...bonus points :)
    Used to be a motorcycle guy with short racing career (rode RZ350's and kawi ZX6R's)
    I have had too many careers to count them all. (bike racer, computer animator, land surveyor and IT guy...and much more)
    Used to be a pro bike racer (aka the kind you pedal)
    Used to skydive
    Used to rock climb
    Used to white water southern Mexico during Hurricane season.
    After all the "used to" I started to get fat :( (dam work)
    God I need a new hobby, could this be it?
    I am a computer geek who has made it to management (how did that happen…there goes my skills)
    I am married (wifes name is sandra) and she is great.
    No joke wife is great and I dated her for 12 years before we got married...only non-impulsive thing I have ever done :)
    My daily driver is a Merc 420 S class (does not corner...but looks good)
    I speed skate to attempt to stay in shape (roller blade)

    Hell ask if you want more info :)

    Scott Spiess
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    Your description sounds as though you are eclectic enough to own a 7!! Hope you get your B-day present real soon. 8)


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      Re: Hi to all

      Originally posted by scottspiess
      God I need a new hobby, could this be it?
      You just got to try it out..... From what I have seen there is a 70% chance that you get hooked. Some 30% sell the car after a while (been there-done that-effect). Never mind the exact numbers, I just made them up :P

      But your timing is pretty good at 40! For some reason I waited almost until my 50th birthday. Should have gotten that Seven earlier. For me it is a combination of:
      - I always wanted to have such a car but never considered it seriously
      - Nice weekend toy to pootle around
      - A way to meet nice people with similar unreasonable interests

      When I bought the car I did not really consider track days but that has become a big bonus of the ownership experience.

      Common side effects are:
      - serious money drain if you get upgrade-fever
      - career-threatening office time loss for checking 3-5 Sevens related BBs and mailing lists

      Just do it !!

      Stan's car is surely a good one and a registration no-brainer, especially if you are mainly looking for a road car. Correct color, too!