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    Hi all,
    I'm Sven from the Netherlands and stumbeld by chance on this site while visiting the UK site. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are enough Sevens in CA to make it worthwile to have a Californian Seven page.

    Why all this interest in these "outlandish" web pages? Well we (my girlfriend Maatje and me) intend to travel the US in our own Seven, a 1996 Caterham HPC. The car is already on its way to the States and will arrive June 28 in Jacksonville. From there we go to Houston (via Tallahassee, Pensacola, New Orleans and Lafayette).

    From Houston we will follow more or less the same route some 50 European Sevens will take later in the year (Sept 16 - Oct. 7) to San Francisco. I say more or less, because by the time we leave Holland (June 23) the route will probably not be available yet.

    From San Francisco we'll follow the West Coast to Tacoma. From there to Lansing MI (via Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier, Mt Rushmore and Mackinaw City). Then Detroit (The Ford museum), Pitsburgh, Washington and Baltimore where the car is being shipped home at Aug 18. We will probably stay a few days more in Washington (Smithsonian and Udvar Hazy).

    About 10,000 miles in 60 days. Let's hope the car won't break down, the weather be nice and the locals friendly :D
    Maybe we'll see some of you on the road.


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    It sounds like an amazing U.S. tour you have planned! Best of luck to you... and I must say, your English language ability is very well developed.
    - Sean


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      There is another se7ens site that is national in scope. If you can join that one you will find 7ers around the USA that are likely to want to help your journey. A post on that site telling which motor you have may prompt some of the 7ers to provide names/places where you can get assitance when needed. Fellow 7 owners are your new dealer service network!!

      If you decide to see the entire west coast of the USA I'm in San Diego, CA and can give you some southwestern CA assistance.

      Enjoy what sounds like a great trip!! 8)


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        Yes, that looks good. But I am envious that somebody can go for a 60 day vacation. :roll:

        If you come along in the LA area let us know. Maybe there is some time to meet the locals.

        I assume you have the Rover K engine? Just make sure you got some spares lined up. But I suppose you have done your homework :wink:

        Even if the car should break down I am sure there are helpful people within reach if you mail here or at any other Se7ens related US list. I mean there may be a minor problem e.g. in the middle of North Dakota....


        P.S.: Hey Sean-Og, how about my English?


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          Gert - Seems to be improving (slowly)... :D

          Seriously though, I've met many people who were born and raised to speak English that have appeared to be less skilled than Sven at spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Not that it's the most important thing in the world, but it seems as though many simply don't make much of an effort. When I emigrated to the U.S. (So. Calif.) from Texas, I had to put forth a serious effort to learn English just to get by in school (only half joking here - my English teacher taught us to read "plateau" as "pla-taw", and my geography teacher taught us about "Bor-dee-awks" in France... I could go on, but you get the picture).
          - Sean


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            Thanks for the compliment. "Bor-dee-awks" means "Bordeaux? What does the "og" stands for?

            Roll a 7,
            Thanks for the offer, but our most Southernly point in CA will be Tehachapi. This is because I have to follow, from Houston onwards, the exact route the other 50 European Se7ens will take on their way to LA. See I’m the guy with the white cap, the blue car (nose to the right) behind me is mine.

            I've seen you posting on the, so it is if I already know you a little.
            It is not a 60 day vacation. It is a 60 day trip in a 365 days vacation :D I'm reteired you see. Our combined age is almost 130, so not much "racing" anymore but still enjoying the Se7en immensely. And no, we will not visit LA.


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              Yes, the teacher was referring to Bordeaux, France.

              The "og" suffix is a Gaelic term of endearment used in Ireland, primarily with children. My father called me Sean-og when I was a boy. It's pronounced like "Oh God" without the "-od". I can't think of an English equivalent, but it is the same as adding "-chan" to a child's name in Japanese, if that helps.
              - Sean