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WooHoo! I finally did it

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  • WooHoo! I finally did it

    Hello All,

    I am the proud new owner of a Duratec-engined Caterham SV. I am still getting used to the car and it is exceeding expectations.

    I'd like to thank Martin who is a good guy and has an outstanding MGA.


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    Congratulations, Matt! You have now joined the lunatic fringe of the automotive world!!! Welcome aboard. We are the guys that are really willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING else for speed: NO tops, doors, windows, heaters, radios, backseats, electric seats, power steering/brakes, cupholders or anything else for this crowd. If it slows the car down get rid of it NOW. Soon you will be suffering from UPGRADEITIS, a terminally delightful malady which afflicts most of us.

    You have a acquired a really good car at a good price. It will run circles around the Elise you cancelled and it cost considerably less to go faster. And it is even more distinctive. Great move!!

    We'll try to put some sort of event together soon to get our cars together on the road. 8)


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      Welcome Matt!!!

      We'll try to put some sort of event together soon to get our cars together on the road. Cool
      Hey Brad, wasn't there some talk about another Palomarblat? Any Plans?



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        Dr. Gert: This month is looking a bit short for time so the first or second weekend of next month might work. Any particular time best for you?

        I'm very sad to see Martin exit as a 7 owner cuz he's a good guy/driver. I'm hoping he'll eventually take a third shot @ 7 ownership!!

        The consolation is getting another excellent 7 in SD!!


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          Congratulations Matt! :D The SV will be nice with room to stretch your legs :lol: :lol:

          Brad, I'm up for a Palomarblat either the first or second weekend of June, but please not the third weekend, if possible, as its Father's day weekend and I'll be visiting family.

          I went on a Soloblat today from Victorville up to Big Bear Lake, then Arrowhead Lake, Crestline, then down to Silverwood Lake and home. I went early enough to avoid most traffic, and managed to stay on the tail of a nice turbo Porsche 911. We were having a good time until we got caught behind an Excursion that refused to let us by :cry:
          Still a nice drive :!:



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            Oops, forgot to log in, the above post is mine :oops:



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              Well as brief as your comment is it explains alot.