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  • Introduction

    Hi All,
    It's a pleasure to join!
    I met Doug L out in his neighborhood when my Birkin's battery died.
    Doug and his wife were terrific!
    I live in the Calabasas, malibu cyn area. I love cruising thru the canyons in my Birkin or one of my TSC's( truly silly wy kids call them)
    I also have a 65 Triumph tr4a vintage racer...and a 62 TR4 street car.
    Yes,I'm a glutton for punishment.
    I bought the Birkin from wirewheel in Florida. It's a yellow and alluminum 2000 model with a stock zetec and 5 speed
    Please let me know when you're going to be cruisin the hood
    Steve Barth

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    Always great to find another member of the automobile lunatic fringe!!

    Could you tell us a bit more about your car? Such as how long you have owned the 7, HP, trans, and any other interesting tidbits. Would you like to join us for track days, in addition to the Maliblats?

    See ya on the road one of these days!! 8)


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      Also, to join the website just click on register and sign yourself up as Birkinguy with a password.

      Hope that you have as much fun with your 7 and this group as the rest of us do :!:


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        Hi Steve, welcome from another Birkin owner (especially since your car has the proper color). There are not too many Birkins around in SoCal (maybe 5 or 6 I know of). This group is terrific for local events and to meet other nice people with the same silly interest.

        Don't forget to sign up with (maybe you did already)
        If you need Birkin-specific technical advice you will find it there in an instant.

        I hope we can meet sometimes for a Sunday morning drive in your area.



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          Birkinguy: You have company! There is another Birkin in Calabasas. Do you know Phil? 8)