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  • Orange and black is the new black

    Hi, I'm Greg and I have a new toy.

    This is a Westfield kit based on a 1994 Miata. I built it last year and got it on the road in March. It was an ambitious project: my previous car mechanic experience was that I watched some friends change an oil filter once. In the end there were no serious construction problems, and I have only stranded myself once (an alternator wire came loose) and that was over 2000 miles ago.

    I live on Skyline south of Los Gatos. My commute has fun mountain roads, especially if I take the long way to work. I expect to take the long way fairly often now.

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    Based on your car's color scheme, I am guessing that you are a SF Giants fan!!


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      Hi Greg,

      Welcome to the forum. Sean (that's his username) and I are both in San Jose and we both look for good excuses to take a drive.

      Looks like a beautiful build and I hope I get to see it in person sometime.



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        I'm semi-local as well, in the hills west of Boulder Creek...

        Looking forward to seeing your car. Do try and make it to the picnic in August!


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          Sadly I'll be out of town that weekend. You can wave to my cats as you drive by.


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            gparker - I think I saw you driving on 280N in cupertino yesterday. The car looked good from the other side of the freeway.


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              I bet it did! Can't see the dirt from that far away.