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Back in the saddle again!

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  • Back in the saddle again!

    We have a 7 in our garage again! On Saturday, we picked up the burgundy red/black Roadsport SV Randy arranged for us to purchase from the owner in Texas to replace the blue/yellow SV purchased from the Adrenaline Gallery that we were not able to register. We also purchased Randy's trailer and towed her home. Randy was unable to transfer the removeable MoMo steering wheel from the blue one, but said he would get one for us, and other than that, she's a gem.

    Today we visited DMV, and about an hour later, we walked out with a 3 month temporary permit, an SB 100 number and as soon as we get the SB100 certificate, all we need do it visit the bar. As a used vehicle, they just needed to verify the Colorado Vin number and mileage. Not wanting to have a 7 that we would not be able to legally register in CA, I contacted the Manager of Revenue and Compliance Policy in Sacramento, provided the documents available to us and once she was assured that the SPCNS vehicle was indeed built by an individual, not for resale, she confirmed that we would be given SB100 to register the vehicle. Having the vehicle pre-approved went a long way to giving us peace of mind in purchasing it. A big thanks to Randy for ensuring we have a 7 in our garage.

    We forward to participating in the events in NorCal and meeting some of you.

    Julie and Jeff
    Lucy Cate
    170 Roadsport SV

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    Almost a year and a half from the time we first purchased a Caterham, we have a Caterham in our garage with PLATES on it. Our BAR appointment was at 8 AM and with thorough scrutiny of our PVC system and our documents, about an hour later we drove away with a an SB100 sticker in place. By 11:30 I was home with a license plate proudly displayed on Lucy Cate. This time we chose to visit the Florin Road BAR facility. I'm sure they're just as thorough, but they are a great deal more considerate and personable. I walked into the DMV office in Jackson, grabbed a number, looked up at the number being served, and my number was next. I was called up within 5 minutes and happened to get the same gal that I dealt with on my previous visit to DMV, and in a few minutes I had plates. Happy Day!
    Lucy Cate
    170 Roadsport SV


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      Congratulations! And thank you both very much for the wine. My wife especially appreciated that, and I did as well.
      | | Sean


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        Hi Sean Your welcome. We are looking forward to another sevens event. We are glad you enjoyed the wine. Thanks for organizing the event. We recieved the quick release Momo wheel from Randy this week, and i put it on this morning. Entry will be much more simple now.

        Cheers, Jeff