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At long last - the Seven has landed

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  • At long last - the Seven has landed

    Finally, after more years than I care to admit I finally became the owner of a Caterham 7. After traveling cross-country the trailer gate opened and the car rolled out into the California sunshine. I'm still suffering a bit of shock and disbelief.

    Although I had studied the many great photos sent to me by the previous owner (Athens7) I wasn't fully prepared for how very nice this car is in every detail. I can't wait to get better acquainted.

    Caterham Unloading.jpg

    Caterham on the lawn.jpg

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    Congrats... very nice! Sounds like it's well sorted too.


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      I think you two will live happily ever after.


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        Awesome! Official importer of the Zenos E10 Your USA dealer for Levante Cars, Origin Cars, Minotaur Racing, Sadev Gearboxes, RST V8 Engines, and more... How fast do you want to go?


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          To say the very least. Amazing car. I kept going out to the garage last night to look at it.


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            Congratulations Nick! Where in Orange County are you located? I'm in Huntington Beach and will soon have my Locost registered in the street.

            2001 CMC Locost Frame/2003 Yamaha R1 w/6spd sequential


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              North Orange County.


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                I live in Manhattan Beach. Feel free to swing by if you want me to inspect the car. This is a thinly veiled attempt to gawk over yet another Caterham.

                /Magnus F


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                  I'm well along in the registration process. I've been to the DMV (twice), the CHP and will shortly be meeting with the CARB. After that, it'll be back to the DMV to finish the process and get my plates.

                  In the meantime, I've got this lovely Temporary Operating Permit which coordinates nicely with the red leather interior and even has the right number boldly displayed.


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                    Suggestion: Make a photocopy of the T.O.P. to stick on the car, and carry the original with you in a Ziploc bag or similar, along with proof of insurance.
                    | | Sean