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They wore me down... and I couldn't be happier

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  • They wore me down... and I couldn't be happier

    It all started all innocently by a friend handing me the keys to his Zetec S3 when we were out on a drive. He got in our Elise and we strapped into the 7. 1.5h and thighs with heat rashes later (no carpet on tranny tunnel), my wife and I were very interested in 7s... ;-)

    Then the local crack, ahm, Caterham pushers really started working on us. Went for a couple more drives and got really hooked.

    We found a 2003 S3 that we both liked a lot. Had been sold but had gone to a dealer. So, in the first week of January, we became proud owners of a 7.

    We've done plenty of cruising already and took it to the track for the first time on Saturday. Below is a lap. I need to grow a bigger pair... Grip with CR500s is unbelievable. BTW, never mind the aborted shift attempt :shame: ;-)
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    Congratulations and welcome!

    Now you need to move to another area with more Se7en-friendly roads....


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      Well, the hill country isn't too far away. In Houston, I just play the "don't get run over by a Suburban" game on the way to work. That keeps me on my toes... ;-)


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        Congratulations & welcome aboard.

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        '84 Turbo Esprit (x2)
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