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New Guy: Just purchased "1972 Lotus Seven" aka Miata-powered Locost

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  • mca
    Quick sale for full price. Maybe I should have asked for more? At any rate, the new Locost is on its way from Philadelphia. Should be here in a week or so.

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  • mca
    I've just posted her for sale. But the good news is I have something better to replace her. Stay tuned...

    For Sale thread here:


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  • V-Robb
    Sounds like a sweet ride! I got to take a ride in Turbo Miata powered Seven last year when I met up with Skip near Denver. WAY quick, he did a 0-100-0 with me onboard on a ridiculously short stretch of road, and had plenty of tarmac to spare...

    You will come and show it off at another group ride sometime, right? I know I'd love to check out your Seven.

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  • mca
    Thank you, Magnus.

    I'll be checking back frequently for blats and autocross and track days.

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  • magnusfeuer
    Welcome to the club Aaron.

    Your car is very nicely built, and I'd love to take it for a spin someday since I've never driven a Seven with a Miata (turbo) engine. We go out every now and then for a blat, and we'd love for you to join.

    /Magnus F.

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  • New Guy: Just purchased "1972 Lotus Seven" aka Miata-powered Locost

    Hi All,

    I had a great time meeting a few members at the Bisimoto Dyno Day this past Saturday. Thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality.

    My name is Aaron Lee and I've been interested in Sevens for the last few years. I've pretty always concentrated on Locosts for the, well you guessed it, low cost of entry. Not that I wouldn't want a proper Caterham or Birkin, but those are a little out of my reach for the time being.

    Having owned 11 Miatas (I have to kick one out of the garage to accommodate the Locost) I was introduced to Sevens by Keith Tanner at Flyin Miata with his heavily modified CMC Locost. I followed the acquisition and build of that car for a while, found the site and had dreams of building my own car. I made sure to secure the OK from the wife, who said I could do anything as long as she had a space to park in the garage. I don't weld or fabricate much at all so eventually gravitated towards buying a complete or almost complete car. I got serious in the last couple of months when some high-quality examples became available.

    After missing out on this car: I found the Locost I own today.

    I purchased the car in Huntsville, Alabama and drove it back to Huntington Beach on a trailer, 3 days of driving across the good 'ole USA.

    Some quick stats:

    1.8L Miata with 5-speed
    4.30 Torsen Rear diff (IRS)
    Turbo running about 17 PSI
    240 RWHP and 210 RWTQ
    Tec-S Electromotive Fuel Management (Tuned on Mustang Dyno at
    15 Gallon RCI fuel cell
    NT01's all 4 corners
    .095 DOM roll bar
    Speed hut gauges

    I'll be making minor improvements to her in the near future, but all the hard work has been done.

    Feel free to ask any questions as I'm still learning more each day.

    Aaron Lee
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