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Easyriders editor drives a Seven

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  • Easyriders editor drives a Seven

    Hello all,

    I'm Dave Nichols, editor of Easyriders, V-Twin and Rebel Rodz magazines and host of V-Twin TV (formerly on SPEED Channel). I have wanted to own a Seven since I first saw Patrick McGooham blasting around London in an S2 in The Prisoner TV series back in 1967.

    Finally located a car registered as a 1970 Lotus in California and had it shipped to my home in Ashland, Oregon (I split my time between Los Angeles and Ashland). Based on the VIN number, I believe my car is a rare 1976 early Caterham with the coveted Lotus Twin Cam motor. Being a confirmed motorcycle nut for over 30 years, I can honestly say that the Seven is indeed a motorcycle on four wheels!

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    Hi Dave and Welcome!

    Now I am a bit confused. Did you just buy that Seven, are you selling it or both?



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      Hey Dave,
      I'm with you... Been on two wheels the last 100k miles - just turned it over on the 'Rod a few weeks ago - and have found that normal cars just don't interest me in the least.

      Until I caught whiff of these 7's, and now I'm patiently waiting for my SV to be ready to ship. Any day now I hope...!

      Welcome, and I look forward to joining you and the other lunatics here (Doug, Morgan, Scott, etc.) for many blats in the near future. Doug's a good soul, btw, he was kind enough to trust his 7 to my cycle hands one day and I've not stopped grinning since!



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        Thanks for the welcome guys.

        Sorry for the confusion regarding my Seven. I recently purchased her through British Sports Cars and I thought I might have to sell her because my wife had a fit! But that blew over and I'm keeping the Seven (thank the gods of horsepower!).


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          The original owner of my Westfield showed his wife the Road & Track road test that featured the car, and asked her “what do you think?â€‌ She responded “Don’t even think about it.â€‌ Problem was, he had already bought it. Rick wasn’t allowed to park the car at their house for the first two years of ownership. ;)

          Good to hear there is another se7en here in the Northwest!

          Westfield SEiW
          2.0L Duratec
          Throttle Steer


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            Originally posted by JohnCh View Post
            ....Good to hear there is another se7en here in the Northwest!


            Naah, Ashland is almost Northern California :rolleyes:


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              Originally posted by Dave Nichols View Post
              Based on the VIN number, I believe my car is a rare 1976 early Caterham with the coveted Lotus Twin Cam motor.
              Hello Dave. This page should help you more accurately determine the year of your car.
              | | Sean


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                Thanks Sean,

                I also referenced Chris Rees excellent book, Caterham Sevens, to see where the numbers fell in sequence. Looks like my car is a 1978, first year with the Mk2 RS axle. It still has the old fashioned Lotus toggle switches on the dash.


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                  You guys would not believe how many people have contacted me to tell me that they had problems with their wives when first purchasing a Seven (and motorcycles as well). So glad to know I'm not alone.

                  Anyway, the whole anti-Seven storm has blown over at my house and I am truly in love with my old Caterham.


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                    Whew, maybe I should consider myself lucky that my wife seems to like the Seven (riding along on trips or long tours and occasionally driving). The one thing she just did not get to like was driving on the track (intimidated by too much male ambition around her). But then, she was also interested to do the M1 license with me and to buy 2 motorcycles recently. Just another opportunity to do something together.


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                      Wow dude. Can we all share your wife?


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                        I hadn't quite realized how good I must have it. My wife is a complete enabler. Not only did she like riding on the back of my various motorcycles, she was giggling like a schoolgirl in the second turn of her first Seven ride. My daughter, on the other hand, was laughing hysterically going into the first turn.... She, and her very lucky boyfriend, have decided to build their own Seven this spring.

                        I hear that insanity is get it from your kids.


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                          My wife actually talked me into buying the Caterham, but she doesn't like riding in it, last time she puked :D

                          The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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                            Better than my wife who has a permanent burn mark on her leg from the muffler.

                            You can say that she is a victim of Caterham branding.

                            >Dum, Dum, Dish...<

                            /Magnus F.


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                              Just got back from a two hour drive in the Seven. It is only 36 degrees today but I was bundled up and it was a blast! I think I like this better than riding motorcycles!