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  • New owner of a Caterham

    Hello All,

    I recently put a deposit down on a Caterham Classic. I was hoping for a Dedion, Zetec car- but this came up at a pretty stellar price, so I couldn't pass it up. I always told myself I'd rather have an original lotus if it were going to have the live axle and ford crossflow, but interesting how money seems to change people. I digress...

    I'm curious if any of you have any idea of the history of the car.

    Sorry for the terrible picture, it's the seller's-not mine.

    Here are the specs:
    Built in 1999 in England by Arch Motor
    Rebuilt (less than 500 miles ago) sprint crossflow w/ twin 40mm DCOE's
    13" Minilite wheels
    Car has only 200+ miles on the odometer, but the owner states that the car has approximately 5,000 miles.
    Has a partially complete SB100 registration. (Needs light and brake inspection as well as tax paid)

    The car also comes with
    New fiberglass nose cone, front clamshells and rear wings
    New Quill for speedometer
    New rear backup light and lense
    Top and side screens
    Floor mats
    Spare 8" Steel rims
    Owners manual
    Parts from the original engine

    The car was purchased by a production company called EcoManiacal with the intention of converting it to propane power for a show called MPG. From what I understand, the original owner was located in Santa Barbra. I'm curious what may have happened with the SB100 registration among other things.

    On another note, I'm looking forward to meeting you gents/ladies. It looks like there is a strong community here in southern california and I'm looking forward to being a part of it.

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    Classic or DeDion, they are both great fun.

    Welcome to the group.

    Do you have some official paperwork from the DMV telling you the SB100 number?

    When I got my SB 100 number I paid the sales tax and registration at the time I was assigned the number. Then went to CHP, smog inspection etc. before I got the plates and officical registration.

    So I am wondering why you say tax still needs to be paid?

    Where are you and the car located?



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      I do agree it will be great fun...and I've always loved the sound of DCOE's- so perhaps it's a blessing in disguise.

      It does have official paperwork with the SB100 number.

      From what I understand, I'll be paying the sales tax on my purchase of the car.

      The car and I are both located in Orange.


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        Once you have the SB100 number you are in good shape.

        I understand now as each time a car is sold in California the state wants it's sales tax.

        If you are interested in track day events, see if you can make it to the Shelby Club event at the end of the month.

        See the event section.



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          Unfortunately, I dont believe I'll be able to make it by the end of the month. I have a lot of work to do on the car, but hopefully I'll be joining you guys soon.

          I took delivery of the car on friday. I found out the previous owner's name in the old paperwork and it's incredible what a google search can do. I shot him an e-mail and before I knew it I was learning all sorts of info about the car the previous owner had not conveyed to me. Anyway, it looks like he'll be able to complete the SB100 registration for me. (There was some concern about transferring the SB100 to my name)

          He did mention he'd spent some time with the caterham club running AutoX and WSIR.

          Anyone know of a good brake and light inspection station around orange county?
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