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    I'm a locost builder in Visalia, Ca., The car is a +442 with Ford 302 and t5 tranny. 3 link rear suspension, and inboard coil overs with pushrods in the front.
    Wanted a Seven since I first saw one in the early 80's. I've been wanting to start a new project car and decided a Locost build sounded like a challenge. Plus it let me build the car exactly like I wanted, and have the car of my dreams with plenty of room for upgrades and refinement. There is a build log on here:
    Hopefully the car will be on the road by summer!

    When I'm not working on my car, I work on my business, Brewbakers Brewing Co in Visalia. If any seveners are in the area stop by for a pint or a meal. I would love to see some cars for motivation.

    I look forward to meeting some of you later this year, maybe Buttonwillow?


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    Welcome Rod!

    I've followed your build after seeing your posts on usa7's. Looks like you are close. Your car should be a monster!

    If I'm up in Visalia again I'll let you know. I use to fly RC sailplanes with the club there a few years ago, but haven't much since getting my Birkin.



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      Welcome Rod! It sounds like the car will be a beast.

      Are you planning to add a Seven Stout or Locost Lager to the menu when the car is finished?

      Westfield SEiW
      2.0L Duratec
      Throttle Steer


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        Some of us will likely be @ the Streets of Willow the last weekend of Sept with LA Shelby Club. This would be a good opportunity to give your car a shakedown cruise on a track that isn't the fastest one. Perfect for the first time out. Hope your car is ready to join us at that time!


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          Thanks for the replies, I never thought of naming a beer after a seven, have to think about that, there gotta be a good one! I don't think very many people would get it thought, I'd end up explaining the name to every new customer! ;)



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            Excellent; after a few fine brewskis and some enlightened education about 7s the drinkers may be crazy enough to join us. It ill come down to the quality of the beer, I think.

            If you are considering naming a beer after the 7 please describe to us the ration(ale) for the proposed ingredients and qualities you want the custom designed kitbeer to have. We all might have a good time coming up with a name for the beer.

            You can design all rules for the contest. However, as 7ers we ain't real conventional and do like to break some rules now and again.

            Whaddaya think?


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              We don't need any rules... it might be easier if you've sampled the product though!