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Current Ariel Atom owner but thinking about a CSR260

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  • Current Ariel Atom owner but thinking about a CSR260

    Just joined your forum today. I recently moved down to socal from NY State and I must say it's awesome down here. I now know why there are 30 million + residents in the State of California, especially if you enjoy the outdoors.
    I have found a number of great driving roads in the short time I have lived here, including Glendora Mountain rd, Little Tujunga Canyon rd and Decker canyon rd just to name a few.
    The Atom is a wickedly fast, great handling machine, but you have to wear a helmet whenever you drive over 30mph, and I would rather have a car that is similar in it's abilities to my Atom but still allow the driver to be comfortable and helmetless, and have rain protection if needed.
    Does anyone know if there is a Caterham CSR 200 or 260 owner here in southern California who would be willing to give me a ride? We could give each other rides.
    Unfortunately these cars are hard to come by.

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    Welcome Maverick1,

    I don't know of any CSRs in SoCal. I left a message with Caterham USA and asked them. As soon as they get back to me, I'll post the info here. We still, several years after the last one left, don't have a local dealer here, so this club often acts as liaisons for prospective buyers of new and used cars.

    I can offer you a look at my car this Saturday when we (me + other Seven owners) will fire up the CSR 260 engine in my Seven for the first time and BBQ some meat over the ensuing fire (or over the Weber grill if things go well).

    The event is in Manhattan Beach tomorrow at 3PM. Send me a private message for an address.

    I have an SV, which has the same dimensions as the CSR, but with a more primitive suspension. You are more than welcome to sit in the car and get a feel for it. Later, when the engine has been broken in, we can go for a drive.

    /Magnus F.
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      I spoke to Jon Nelson @ Caterham USA, and he recommends that you call Rich Kamp at Golden Gate Sevens (, who is finishing up a CSR right now.

      Jon will also check if he can find a SoCal CSR owner who may be willing to show you his car. I'll forward the information when I get it.

      /Magnus F.


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        Thanks for the info Magnus. I have called Caterham USA and the gentleman told me that he didn't think there was a CSR in socal.