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  • Radiator Question


    Now that I've received a settlement for property damages from my accident the other weekend, I'm examining the choices in a new radiator.

    I'm considering the bigger race radiator verses the less expensive standard unit.... for street usage and I'm running a 1700 Crossflow motor, any thoughts from those out there that may be running the bigger unit verse the stock?


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    Go big.


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      Upgradeitis is a viral illness, not unlike herpes. It can go dormant, but it always returns. So, during an outbreak, whether naturally occurring or forced by external stress, the patient must always go for the strongest medicine available.
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        My only experience is with the 3 pass ali radiator, and it seems to work fine, even in a Georgia summer. My last car had cooling issues, so when I ordered the Caterham, my philosophy was biggest cooling I could get. On the same topic, has anyone ordered the race cooling fan kit from CC? Better/worse than the stock fan set up?
        2013 Boss 302 Mustang
        2005 SV Roadsport (gone but not forgotten)


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          I also purchased the upgraded cooling fan, hopefully I didnt go overboard.... but by the sound of things I'll be able to use it with my next motor (a SVT zetec).


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            I spoke with Caterham UK about the race cooling fan kit. They told me it was NOT a replacement for the stock fan, but rather a 2nd fan that mounts in front of the radiator, at the grille, to pull air into the radiator when drafting in a pack on the track.

            New2, if you get any dyno numbers on your SVT, in or out of the car, I hope you'll share them. I'm still on a quest to find comparison numbers to my SVT, not for bragging rights, but to determine proper tune and real world (not marketing) performance numbers.
            2013 Boss 302 Mustang
            2005 SV Roadsport (gone but not forgotten)