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  • Big things from small packages

    It looks like "The Man" finished his own motor recently: - a lot of oomph from a 2 liter!
    I wonder what kind of numbers he might be able to get if he were to get really wacky and go 100 ccs over, or something like that? :D
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    Oooh, that is a good result. Congrats to Ammo. Once again he has earned his title. :D
    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Quoted from Ammo on BC:

      "I have 2.1 that has been sitting under my bench at work for some time. Basically a bored 2 litre. It has more capacity, compression and cam than my engine as the customer is going to run it on the race track and with high octane fuel all the time. I was told it had to make 265 bhp. Somehow I think it will make more!"


      Update: I'm hoping to be able to get some dyno (engine brake, not rolling road) time in over the winter.

      Plus side is that various configurations of TBs (48s,50s, more?), exhaust and maps can be explored for maximum effect. Right proper development iow. It's looking like a multi-map Emerald is on the cards as well.

      Down side is that it'll be longer before I can install anything and try it for real.

      I like the notion just the same, and if the results are good enough, well...
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