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Schumacher thtottle technique

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  • Schumacher thtottle technique

    Quite interesting.

    /Magnus F.

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    Originally posted by magnusfeuer
    Just finish it. very interesging.. but will this apply to all the car ? or just Formula car ??


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      I would say that it applies to all cars. The curve his TPS (throttle position sensor) describes is much more refined than the other guy's. And you always want to come in slow and exit fast, which is exactly what Schumacher does on an extremely advanced level.

      I don't know about the steering input. I've heard about similar tactics used by drivers of old Porsche 911s, but I don't know if it is generally applicable.

      /Magnus F.


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        Thanks! That's a great bit of information. It looks more like it's Herbert's trace that shows slow-in fast-out. Schumacher's shows more that that - his ability to stay right on the very edge of the traction circle. He's rolling out of the throttle more slowly and ultimately less. Couple this with the high frequency microscopic steering input indicates that he keeps the tyres near 100% of their total grip throughout as the transition from longitudinal loading to latitudinal loading and then back to longitudinal. All of the time, and he says as much. Awesome. Genius.
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