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    Hide this from you spouse.

    /Magnus F.
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    I see they now offer a bellhousing, flywheel, and clutch. A year ago they did not offer those items.
    - Sean


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      Yep. Thet are moving toward being a one-stop shop for Sevens.

      Only engine mounts, exhausts and some oil cooling solution is really missing.

      I spoke to Petersen Enterprises up in Van Nuys today. They will send a mockup 6"x19" oil tank to me so that I can do a trial fitting.

      /Magnus F.


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        They are sourcing much of what they offer from the same people that other UK suppliers use. Since being purchased by Kalkoven & partners (and losing their F1 presence) Cosworth has moved to a marketing company business model. Their fabled engineering prowess & their manufacturing is diminishing. Ammo cited a few examples in his dealings w/ them when I visited him.
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          In response to your post, I must correct you on a few things.
          Cosworth still does engineer and manufacture most of the items
          we sell. I have added a few non Cosworth parts to our Duratec line
          as a matter of convenience for our Duratec customers. And as such,
          most of the customers have appreciated the fact that we do have the parts in stock.

          Our Duratec pistons, rods, cams, modified cylinder heads, cranks, dry sumps are engineered and manufactured in house. I’m not sure what parts you are referring to or how you obtained your information in regards to making the statement “they are sourcing much of what they offer from the same people that other UK suppliers useâ€‌. Formula One or not, Cosworth is still very much an engineering and manufacturing company. We have just received a multi year contract to engineer an aerospace project for a branch of the US military. Additionally, we also manufacture parts and engines for a Japanese Automobile company for a race series in Japan. Those, along with Caterham engine supply, Aston Martin cylinder heads and several other high performance engine projects still has Cosworth at the forefront of high performance engine technology. While our last F1 engine was considered among the best, it did fall short in one way. It did not have the badge of an automobile
          manufacture on it. Therefore it came with a high price tag. Cosworth, no longer had Ford to underwrite its F1 engine development and we could not offer an engine that was basically subsidized by the selling of new cars (Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault).
          Being owned by an entrepreneur such as Kalkhoven has required a business change for Cosworth. Instead of being a loss center for Ford, we now have the ability to grow and venture into new territory. So if it means selling Titan Duratec bell housings or pistons for Subaru STIs
          (that we manufacture in our own forge and factory in Northampton UK) then so be it.
          Frankly, it’s a welcomed change.
          Magnus has been to our facility. I’m extending the invitation to any of you that wish to
          have a look around. Feel free to contact me for a visit or with any questions regarding Cosworth.

          Ken Anderson
          Cosworth, LLC.
          Sales and Marketing Manager.
          Torrance Ca.


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            I stand partially corrected. My comments are based a conversation w/ persons in the U.K. I am certainly aware of Cosworth's reputation and I have just recently seen firsthand the quality of some of the parts offered by you all:-)

            Thanks for the kind offer.
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted