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Two new CA racetracks in development

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  • Two new CA racetracks in development

    In Atwater, CA the new Riverside Motorsports Park hopes to break ground later this year.

    Another earlier dev stage track is to be sited about 15 milers west of Lancaster, which ain't very far from Willow Springs.

    Now, if we could just get something going in San Diego County......

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    It would seem a track somewhere between San Diego and Orange counties would be a no-brainer for success.

    About 10 years ago there was talk of one here in Victorville, but I think that died when Cal Speedway in Fontana opened.



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      The cost of land and the encroachment of residential areas are the deal breakers.


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        Anybody knows what that is?
        Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

        North of California City at Cantil, close to the Red Rock area on Hwy395 and in the middle of the desert. Looks like a racetrack to me. With skidpad and something like a dirt bump track for bikes...But with a 6or 7 mile oval?

        Interesting what you can find on satellite images.


        P.S.: Google knows....It is Honda America's private high speed test track. Too bad....looks really nice
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          Hundi also has a test track out that way, about 13 miles southwest.

          You can see them both on Google Earth near California City.



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            How do you guys find this stuff? You need to spend more time working on your cars...


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              Well, I came back from San Jose to Ontario airport and looking out of the window while flying over the desert I was wondering what it is. I could see Willow Springs, Mojave and then a little further a racetrack that should not be there. Actually I did not notice the other track Doug mentioned which is for some reason less visible (actually while it is there on Google Earth it is not present on Google Maps images, which may be older).

              So, yes, you are right I should be working on my car but that was difficult while on the plane :)



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                Okay, I understand. I had a similar experience flying from SFO to the east coast. After half an hour or so I got to wondering whether we would fly over Reno Fernley raceway, so I looked out the window and there it was. A dryer, more desolate place I have never seen - makes Willow Springs look like a tropical oasis.