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110,000 mile tune-up interval.

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  • 110,000 mile tune-up interval.

    Just bought a Honda Accord for the wife and found that they set the tune-up interval to 110,000 miles. That means for the next 10 years or so only fluid, pad and tire changes.

    I am impressed. Can I have that for my Se7en?

    Funny enough I paid about exactly the same $ as I paid for my Mitsubishi Galant 13 years ago but it is much nicer car, better equipped, more economic and more power. So, where is the inflation here?


    P.S.: Somebody needs a Galant? Only minor flaws like broken A/C, high oil consumption and stuck windows :D
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    as for ten years fluid, tyre, and pad changes... I know u feel compelled to make me a bunch of parts:p

    expect to go thru a set of struts, and if the car if a long term hold, u can go 20 years easily with a Toyota or Honda auto in the northeast and have it run like a top, consider repalcing the bushings and mounts along the way. and I personally beleive timing belts are time bomb after 7 or 8 years. in Cali, u that car should last forever. pass it on to ur grandkids!
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      I am impressed. Can I have that for my Se7en?
      What do you mean 'can I have that for my Se7en'? Then what the hell would you do w/ all that Euro-company vacation time holiday time 'ooo, I have a hangnail time' etc.?

      Hell no you can't have that for your 7. You've got a big screen HD tv, microwave oven and espresso machine to install in that bugger before September, remember?:D
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