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Had a chat with a CHiP today

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  • Had a chat with a CHiP today

    Because the weather was so nice, my quick blat to Wrightwood turned into a 200 mile drive today. I ended up at Newcomb's Ranch for lunch and on the way home I pulled into a turnout of Hwy 2 to take some pictures of the Birkin. While I fumbled in my backpack trying to find the camera, a CHP had pulled in behind me. I didn't see or hear him at first (still had my earplugs in), and I was a little startled when I finally saw him and realized he was talking to me! My first thought was that I got caught speeding and that he had just caught up to me (1st potential infraction). So, I pulled out the earplugs (2nd potential infraction) and was relieved to find he was just interested in the car. We talked awhile, he looked the car over, and he seemed familiar with "specialty" cars and SB100. I mentioned how nice it was that I could drive a car like this and still be street legal, and then he said "not quite street legal, you don't have a front license plate". Oh crap, here it comes! (3rd potential infraction). I gave the usual excuse of having no place to mount it, and he laughed a little, got back in his car and wished me a nice day then took off. I guess I got lucky!
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    How about that weather?!:D
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      Lucky you! And ideed a real good day for a trip. Did you hand carry the car over the gap in the highway or did you take the long way?

      The few times I had an encounter with Police in the Se7en (accident, no lights on Angeles Crest, curiosity and a speeding ticket) no officer even mentioned the missing front license plate. I think they use it only as an excuse if they really want to give you a ticket and got nothing else.

      Even the off-the-shelf ear plugs are legal nowadays if required to protect your hearing (vs. supplying music).



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        Originally posted by slomove
        Even the off-the-shelf ear plugs are legal nowadays if required to protect your hearing (vs. supplying music).

        That's good to "hear"!

        Now that you brought it up, I was considering trying the in-ear headphones with my ipod in the Birkin when doing the long freeway slogs Buttonwillow, etc. Anyone know if these block the motor and wind noise as well as foam earplugs, but still let you hear the music at reasonable levels?



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          Not really.

          But Etymotic has a new gadget....


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            Actually, while I like the idea of a wireless headset, I think these particular ones would not do such a great job in a seven. There is quite a bit of wind noise when driving without the doors and having a huge block stuffed into your ear would transfer quite a bit of this noise directly into your ear.

            However, I do have a set of these: They work pretty well in reducing the engine noise and wind noise levels - while offering the ability to listen to music. I feel that an earplug (I use Hearos) offer better hearing protection though - especially since it seems that you have to really turn up the music to be able to hear it while you are driving. So, I end up using the earplugs for short blats, and the earphones for longer blats or touring.
            Tom "ELV15" Jones


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              I was actually looking at this set by Shure:

              Leading manufacturer of microphones for live, touring and studio applications. Professional audio manufacturer of in-ear monitoring systems and sound isolating earphones.

              Do you know how they compare to the Etymotics? Price is in the same range.


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                I have used both and have friends who have owned both. They seem to prefer the Etymotic over the Shure. I've used them both and found them to be quite similar. I think the Etymotic are a bit smaller (not sure if that makes a difference one way or another). I use mine with the foam ends - which seem to block more noise than the silicone ends. Whichever way you go, I'd get an extra set or two of the foam bits.
                Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                  Ear buds

                  Hear! Hear!
                  I have the E2c and use them for work, as a boom op, for flying, when they plug into the airline's system, plugged into my i tunes phone, and used them once for listening to music in the Seven. They block just as well as foam plugs, but can be a little irritating at first, and help cut down on fatigue. I have not tried the foam plugs with the ear buds, yet. For casual listening I would not reccomend spending more than $100 on ear buds. Be careful, though, becuase listening to music while in the Seven, for me, is more distracting than listening to the stereo in my truck. I find, while in the Seven, I prefer to be in touch with the driving of the car unlike what most of us are used to doing in our more conventional vehicles. Ask yourself a Question. How comfortable would you be using ear buds while riding a motorcycle? The difference between a bike and a Seven is small in that regard. The music can get a little too far into your head and shut you off from the world around you. It's the world that isn't looking for somthing on the road as small as a Seven or a motorcycle.
                  Scott E