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I am contemplating a challenge.

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  • I am contemplating a challenge.

    Today I read in European Car a test of the new Lotus Exige S, a 220 HP 2000 pound car. The mag concluded that this was about the most pure driving experience on the planet. I think these guys are invading our turf with this outrageous claim and that a challenge is in order. Streets of Willow might be an appropriate venue. Some of us could offer our cars up to prove the point to these numbskulls. Perhaps they might locate a professional driver to assess the competitors. Laptimes can be the criteria. Would I be the Lone Ranger if I issued a challenge, or would a few of you be willing to lend your cars/support?

    It's time to put these schmucks on notice, I reckon. And the publicity might attract a few more nutcases to 7 ownership.

    A zetec, a duratec, a supercharged 7 and a Birkin might just open the eyes of these scribes.

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    Call em up. We all know that a 7 will spank the shite out of any currently produced Lotus, forced induction car (that I happen to like veeeery much and would love to have in the garage) included. Personally I don't think the track will matter.

    You may try to find an SV to add into the mix, so as to avoid the inevitable 'yeah, but it's not a daily driver' bullshite, as if the Exige is. Unfortunately, that would mean fearless leader, known as The (permanently?) Reticent Mr. Feuer. My theory is that he's now been sooo silent for sooo long that he's actually mutated into a Finn, and as such will never utter or write a word again.
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      Do we need The Stig?


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        The new Evo magazine does a track shootout between a number of cars including the R500 Evo, CSR260, Ariel Atom, Dax Rush AND the Exige S. Look what finished last! :)

        1 Radical SR3 1300 1.17.10
        2 Caterham R500 Evo 1:19.00
        3 Ariel Atom 1:19.60
        3 Caterham CSR 260 1:19.60
        5 Dax Rush MC 1:19.70
        6 Porsche Carrera GT 1:20.20
        7 McLaren F1 1:21.20
        8 Ferrari Enzo 1:21.30
        9 Litchfield Type-25 1:22.25
        10 Lotus Exige S 1:22.40

        Westfield SEiW
        2.0L Duratec
        Throttle Steer


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          Interesting to see the times for the caterham CSR and the Ariel Atom are exactly the same!!

          I suspect that these numbers are highly dependant on which track is used for testing!

          ...and of course the Radical is much faster! There was a Radical at the last track day I went to...however it never left the pits due to mechanical problems.
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          Tom "ELV15" Jones


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            The Radical's speed is due to additional grip as delivered by aerodynamic downforce. Pierre had a video of himself chasing John from our Buttonwillow weekend last spring. In between was a Radical that didn't seem to be able to take much away from either of the 7s. He went wide on the sweeper onto dirty track and obviously had a brown trouser moment because Pierre went right past him shortly thereafter (dirty slicks to go along w/ the dirty racing suit I'm guessing). I'd love to drive one, but not like that:D.

            The track they used is 1.7 miles in length. Hardly the type of place where a Carrera GT or McLaren F1, or a Ferrari Enzo can show their obvious strengths. I suspect the rankings would be just a little bit different on a longer circuit.


            I really don't think it's fair to lump an Exige in w/ that group of cars. It's a great car but it doesn't bear comparing w/ either 600 hp supercars nor cars w/ the power to weight of the Atom or the R500. Apples to oranges.

            The clearest and most obvious proof of the capabilities of the 7 on the racetrack has to be showing at the 2000 24 hrs. of the Nurburgringing. That class victory, and 10th place overall (which humiliated a lot of Big Bucks Racing Teams & subsequently caused ADAC to ban the 7 thereafter) sez it all. The 4th Car & Driver took at the 25 hrs. of Thunderhill speaks volumes too.
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              Hey, it's just British journalism!
              The EVO article also mentions that the R500 evo was on CR500 rubber. I try not to read to much into these tests, but as to the Exige S, I am amazed that it did so well, considering what it was up against, short track or not.
              - Sean


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                I believe, being a natural skeptic, even if you complain with the journaliars, they just give a damn. Written their piece with the biggest impression on hapless readers in mind (hopefully not actually tweaking results) and already now working an an article why a bigger exhaust pipe will improve your love life. But, for that matter, actually I don't give a damn either...any really talented driver with an Exige will probably leave me in the dust anyway.


                P.S.: Did I mention that I am also very humble?
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                  I am willing to offer my 7 if these alleged car-guy/journalists have the brains to accept our challenge. The idea is that several different sorts of 7s would be making the challenge. A zetec, a duratec, an SV, a Birkin, a BEC, a Westy, a Locost and anything else we can scrounge up. Maybe RMSCI would bring the CSR out, or the Stokesmobile. The mag can run whatever cars they can get for the challenge, hopefully including an Exige S. Some professional might be willing to do the evaluation @ Streets of Willow.

                  This should be a lot of fun and get some good publicity for 7s versus all comers.
                  It will be interesting to see if anyone on the other side is willing to pick up the gauntlet.

                  So, who else is willing to offer their cars for the fun??


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                    LASAAC at the Streets - or NASA Buttonwillow

                    I just looked, and the LASAAC event at the Streets and the NASA Buttonwillow events are both scheduled for April 14 & 15. What's the consensus?

                    Best regards,


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                      I'll be going to Buttonwillow that weekend. I like that track.
                      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                        Originally posted by moosetestbestanden
                        I'll be going to Buttonwillow that weekend. I like the motels ;)
                        I vote for Buttonwillow too. Anyone know if there are better motels at the I-5 exits north of the track?



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                          Me too.


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                            As a followup, I just checked the Lost Hills exit 8 miles north of the track. There are two motels, and reviews call the Days Inn "a disgusting dump" and the Motel 6 as "noisy, trucks keep you up all night". I guess one truck stop is pretty much the same as all the others along the I-5.



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                              Uh, any of you guys willing to partipate in my proposed challenge?

                              I am also voting for Buttonwillow in April.