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Brad's new motor Cosworth CK F1

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  • Brad's new motor Cosworth CK F1

    Brad and I have been talking.
    He was a bit down hearted because I was, unusually, able to beat him at the Autox last Sat.
    I sent him this web page as a friendly suggestion and recomendation on a possible upgrade. He is happy with his car but feels that a slight addition of a few hundred extra HP would make it a bit more lively and insure his being on the top of the podium.
    This engine makes the Zetec - Duratec - Turbo Ninja Twin V - 8 debate look rather sad and feeble and should bring a breath of fresh air and a practical alternative to those Seven owners who can't decide which engine to get.
    You can see that it is economical in weight and with a reduction of rpm it may go more than 700 km before rebuilding.
    As a F1 engine we may guess that it is compact and at 92.5 kg's it will not
    upset the balance of the car. It also appears to come with headers so onw would have a real savings there.
    At a purchase price of 100,000 pounds it is " reasuringly expensive " and would provide a conversation starter, though not when it is running.
    One would have to provide a place for the pit crew and actually may want to buy 2 so that he may be driving one while the other is being rebuilt.
    The down side of all this is it will will put him in another class so I suggested that he think of ways to disguise it so we can still race each other. It would be a rather ultimate " cheater " motor.

    I hope you are all well and wish you Happy Holidays

    The add reads in part

    We have a number of CK formula one engines available for sale. Due to the nature of these engines, we will offer complete track/build support. The CK engine is a 3 litre V10. Max revs 17,800. Max power 840 bhp. Weight 92.5kg. Lifetime 700 km, more at reduced rpm. This engine was fitted to the late Stewart Grand Prix chassis, and all Jaguar Racing chassis. Approximate cost of rebuild per engine آ£10k.

    Race cars for sale and race cars wanted, rally cars, spares, memorabilia, transporters and pit equipment for sale with on-line photos and spec sheets.

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    In the race to get the best Cosworth motor into a 7 this is the ultimate "mines bigger" entry. Dimensionally it will just fit into my 7. So, lookout fellas!!!! Get used to the seeing the backend of my car..... Or, you are all gonna suck my tail pipes............


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      The configuration of the headers would imply that it's as capable of blowing as much hot air in the same general direction as, um, well, er,....:D
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        fancy engines

        Chris, I'm speechless. That is one b e a u t i f u l motor. However, I suspect it would be somewhat crazy to put a $200,000 motor into a $20K kit car. I will note however, that $20k for a rebuild is not too bad in comparison with the whole price of the motor! :o

        As nice as it is and all that, I personally thought this was clever: Quite a bit lighter (61kg and does not need a gearbox) and revs to 65,000 rpm!! :D :eek: :D
        Tom "ELV15" Jones