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  • Glorious blat.

    It has been raining for a little while now...being in Northern California, we have two seasons - a dry season and a wet season. It is now offically the "wet season". However, we do have an occasional Indian Summer day or two where the sun comes out dries thing s out and makes the days a bit warmer.

    So, It was nice and sunny yesterday and I had some business up the penninsula, so I dusted the seven off and drove it to "work". This trip took me along hwy 35 - Skyline blvd. Skyline goes along the ridge of the santa cruz mountains and there are bits of it that were just made for a seven. I could have taken the freeway - and been stuck in traffic with the rest of the local popuation, but with the nice weather, it would have been criminal to do that! The leaves have started to change and fall so there were lots of pretty colors (just don't look too long as the road demands constant attention!). With the sun filtering down through the trees, leaves skating along as the seven roars by, an occasional peak of either the coast and ocean or a view of silicon valley - and most importantly - no traffic it was a glorious blat! :D :D

    Funny enough, I did the same drive today in the tintop and it was just not the same!! Smooshy brakes, abs kicking in every so often, body rolling, rear end wagging - what was so effortless in the seven was a real handful in the tintop!
    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    The last paragraph is a good summation of why we are 7 owners!