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    No! Not 'Car Jacking' as in South Africa (or LA) but a recomendation for jacks to fit a 7!
    I just bought a low profile, lightweight jack off eBay, it's excellent. Jack plate height is about 3 inches (which is almost impossible to find in stores), it's made of aluminium and weighs in at inder 25lbs!! Not only that but the damned thing looks like it came from NASA (the space agency not the race people. Come to think of it though, it does credit to both). Anyway, this thing was $130 including shipping which is a lot less than I could get one at Kregans, Pep Boys or anywhere else. (they do a $ 179 version too which I assumed was too heavy duty). As an aside, this thing arrived in 3 days...shipped from NV.
    The usual disclaimer - I have nothing to do with this company, I am merely representing my own opinion of their product blah blah blah...

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    HarbourFreight have one that is $80(if I remember right). It was there a few months ago when I bought mine.


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      I have the 14" Harborfreight jack but rarely use it because of the limited lift. Later I bought a (I believe) 17" lift ali jack that costs about $130 at Harborfreight at the time. A bit larger and heavier but much more convenient.


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        Howdy Gert,

        That is quite nice. However, I'm cheap, so I just drive my car up onto some 2x6 blocks of wood and then my heavy duty sears floor jack fits under the car just fine!
        Tom "ELV15" Jones