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Something happening on 8th October?

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  • Something happening on 8th October?

    Hi Guy's, I will fly over from Belgium and arrive in SFO next Saturday afternoon. As so far my customer has nothing planned yet I was wondering if anything is happening on Thunderhill or so ...

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    I'm not aware of anything with the Sevens crowd at Thunderhill.

    The next weekend (Oct 14th and 15th) is a get together at Buttonwillow. This is South of SF by not too much more than a trip to Thunderhill.

    Let us know if you will still be in town, up to 5 Sevens are coming down from the N. California area.

    We could have 12 to 15 Sevens at this event.
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      Hi Doug ... it is tempting but I got a flight to Europe waiting for me Friday afternoon arriving in Belgium Saturday 4pm. With some luck I can prepare the car in the evening and drive to the Ring in Nurnburg (D) for a race with the SMRC guy's on Sunday.

      Maybe next time!!


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        There is a NASA event at Infineon the weekend of the 7th/8th. I believe at least one se7ener will be there.

        You could probably twist my arm to get me to drive up there. I'm not sure I can do the trackday (the car needs some sorting), but we could go for a blat.
        Tom "ELV15" Jones