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  • Grumble.....

    Coming back from 3 weeks to Europe and China I took the Seven out this morning for a mountain blat before it gets too hot. But I was not even really out of LaCanada on Hwy2, driving around a corner and got nabbed driving a wimpy 59 mph. Admittedly, all of the highway is 45 limit.

    Oh well, another Internet driving school and another 18 months being a good boy. How I hate that....

    Maybe I should do a permanent install for the radar detector.


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    Gert Gert Gert. You should well and truly know by now that the 2 on Sunday is Speed Trap City. They're always up there. So many organ donors (read: the motorcycle version of Fast n Furious boy racers) have splattered themselves up there that CHP is all over it like stink on shite, and probably rightly.

    Never go past 10 over there anytime either.

    I never drive the 2, not only because it's a trap but also because I find it boring. It's always Big T (upper and lower) up, and down for me.
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      Sure I know....I drive up there every other weekend, after all. It's just closer for me and a fabulous road when traffic is low. But so far (maybe I was lucky) no trouble with the cops except pulling over for headlights off (warning only).

      I should not complain. I never got a ticket for speeding in 34 years. I suspect I did not always follow the speed limits during this time. Sometimes you just got to pay.


      P.S.: I did return via Big Tujunga and enjoyed the drive anyway :) It was just getting friggin' hot at 9 am already.