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Someone sent me a set of plates?

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  • Someone sent me a set of plates?

    Could this be it? Am I done? Wow.
    How do you get away with only putting one plate on the rear of your car?

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    I took the "Nike approach": Just do it!!

    Never been bothered. Maybe it is seen as a vintage car; or, they are too busy ogling the car to realize.....


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      Usually when CPH checks me out on the highway, I worry more about the legality of:
      my slicks
      my aeroscreen
      my six point harness
      my looks

      However, it seems like when I pass the license plate lookup they lose interest in me since I, having pushed my car through SB100 hell, am obviously a law abiding citizen who would never do anything illegal on the road.

      /Magnus F.


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        When I had my accident on the I10 some 3 years ago the CHP officer went around the car a few times taking lots of notes, asking a lot of questions but never mentioned the missing front plate with a single word.

        Another time Clark and I went on a Maliblat with some non-seveners and the leading S2000 got caught doing 80+ on 50mph Mulholland Hwy. But the officer was in a good mood (and looking out for bikers) and instead of writing him up for speeding he got a $10 ticket for the missing front plate.



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          Congratulations :D

          It's now legal for you to behave illegally. Press on!
          A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted