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  • Another se7en option

    It looks like the se7ens market in the US is about expand a little bit. Westfield has decided to return to the US and has named a new distributor. I've exchanged a few e-mails and also had a phone call with the new guy and am pleased to report that he is very serious about the US se7en market. I get the distinct impression that he will branch out a bit and begin to carry some well known se7en-related speed parts that are of interest to all of us.

    His initial focus is on the XI, but he plans to offer the SEi and XTR series shortly. His Westfield XI website is located here.

    Westfield SEiW
    2.0L Duratec
    Throttle Steer

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    I've been following the Westfield XI build in Evo magazine the last few issues, an enjoyable read.


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      Where is the new dist going to be located?

      MB has friend around Malibu that has a Westy XI and is occasionally seen on the Maliblats.


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        Stan, do you know what is going on with this person Tanya who was writing about the one IRS Birkin in the US? Are there plans to return to the market?


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          Brad - the web site shows an address in Richardson, Texas as the contact point.

          Gert - I don't know anything about the IRS Birkin for sale other than what has been on the Birkinowner's forum. He/she implies they are or were a distributor. Last fall Woody mentioned a lady interested in becoming the US importer, but I don't know if "Tanya" is this person. Interesting to learn that there is one IRS Birkin in the US, I would like to see it.



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            I looked around a little and found that Tanya Enholm is with California Advanced Vehicles in Del Mar who imports a nice looking GT40 replica from South Africa. So there may be a connection with Birkin. It is just that the post on Birkinowners did not appear exactly professional. No introduction, background, just some incomplete facts.