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  • Cal insurance

    Looking for recommendations for insurance companies that will deal with Sevens. I saw a document on this site saying AAA would cover kit cars but they deny this.

    Also, does anyone have any experience with temporary registration? I would like to get registration to allow me to drive the car out of the state.


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    I tried AAA a while ago and they would only do liability. They contract with a collectors insurance (American Hobbyist or similar) but they turned me down. I ended up with Hagerty. Very inexpensive but with a nominal mileage and use limitation.

    I also got temporary registration back then for a few days but I am not sure if you can leave the state with that sticker.



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      I'm using Hagerty. Rate isn't too bad. Cars like ours are their market. I'm pretty sure they don't provide trackday coverage.
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        I use AllState and pay about $500 for the year. They also do my Volvo, Galaxie and home/business. I've never really shopped around. I was just happy that someone knew what the car was.


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          Originally posted by moosetestbestanden
          I'm using Hagerty. Rate isn't too bad. Cars like ours are their market. I'm pretty sure they don't provide trackday coverage.
          No, you better don't even mention track driving when you apply with Hagerty. You just drive the car to the car show and on the Main Street parade for Christmas :)



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            I am using Barlow Insurance Brokerage. Their rates were the best, although they limit the number of mile you can drive. Also, with this policy your car also doesn’t depreciate. It is a collector’s car insurance and will keep the value constant.

            I seem to be the guy that tests how to do things wrong, and test the limits. I crashed my seven, and tested this insurance as well. These guys were awesome. They were willing to spend up to the insured amount to put things back to right. They worked with my mechanic, Woody Harris, MSI , and everything was as good, or better than before the crash.

            I do not get a kick back, and I am not paid by them, but here is their contact information, if you are interested.

            Barlow insurance Brokerage:
            Jonathan Barlow
            800 558 7772
            Rod Swanson


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              +1 on Hagarty! They are reasonable and have been great. 2000 mile limit per year I think. If you pay an extra $50 (?) per year you get roadside assistance for all your vehicles, which has really worked out well for me.:rolleyes:


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                There is something funny about Hagerty's mileage limit. They have it as 2500 miles on the application form. However, there is nothing on the policy to limit miles (except that it is not to be used as daily driver and other cars must be available for all people of driving age in the family).

                When I asked specifically about the USA2005 tour (almost 4000 miles) the agent said something like "no problem, that is a kind of club tour and if you stay below 5000 miles per year we are O.K. with that". Nothing in writing, though...