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  • Organized Road Trip?

    I've been thinking about taking a road trip in the Atom next year after it gets registered. Basically a 2-week long trip from SoCal to the east coast and back, with stops in Atlanta, Deals Gap, etc. I figure that it would be, at the very least, an adventure to do a road trip like this in such an innappropriate car for the task.

    That got me to thinking...would it be fun/practical to organize a sort of poor man's Player's Run/Gumball/Power Tour/Iron Butt/etc thing? Maybe I could spread the word and get a gaggle of interesting cars/people to take the road trip as a some filming, take pics, write a bit about it. Maybe it'd be worth a magazine article or amatuer DVD release?

    I figure I'd start a website, spread the word via the auto forums, establish a schedule, route, sign-up list, that sort of thing. Maybe get a dozen cars or so to participate?

    Target participants: Those with interesting cars (especially those "innappropriate" for road trip like sports cars, classics, rust buckets), party types, adventurers, etc.

    Maybe only 1 or 2 really nice hotel stops for dinner/parties on each coast, otherwise it's motels/camping under the stars. Emphasis on the trip itself, not the destinations. Lots of partying, a little road foolery here and there, interesting stops in interesting places, etc. Maybe a stop or two along the trip at a track for whatever, if possible. Not a race, but maybe have some road games along the way (poker run day, timed rally day, "mad dash to the next stop" day, etc.)

    Very small, if any, entry fee to participate--but participants have to pay their own expenses on the trip.

    Stupid idea? Unrealistic?

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    You need to participate in the "One Lap of America" event :)

    Having done the USA2005 tour (about 3800 miles in 2.5 weeks for me) and right now working on the organization of "Pacific Northwest 2007" (about 3000 miles in 2 weeks) I think that is about reasonable for a fun/vacation tour. Doing coast-to-coast and back in 2 weeks is technically no problem but may end up on the stressful side. E.g. most people like to have a rest day once a while to wash their stuff and fix their car. Or maybe to actually see something while on tour.

    On the other hand, maybe there are some more hardcore drivers around, who want to do something really unreasonable. If you want to get a milder taste of such a tour with us wimps you may want to look at the "Pacific Northwest" section on this site". Right now there is a discussion going on that e.g. Atoms or Lotus11's should be considered close relatives and would fit with a Sevens tour.



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      Randy Chase (of has stepped forward to partner with me in making this event a reality. We've chosen a name for it as well: The Donut Run. It'll be a coast-to-coast adventure, with the "goal" to be to cross the United States to get a donut from the other side. ;D

      We are currently working on securing a domain name, and will place a public website for the event soon after. We'll put up details about the run ASAP to allow interested participants plenty of time to plan ahead in securing vacation time, travel, shipping cars (if necessary), etc.

      This is going to happen, folks!


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        If you want to use this forum to organize the tour, I'd be happy to setup a specific area, like the PacNWest 2007 that Slomove uses for his planning.

        It takes me 2 minutes, and we have loads of space to use.

        /Magnus F.