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Am I a Hooligan?

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  • Am I a Hooligan?

    I did maintenance on the car today (oil change/ brake fluid, degreasing, mud removal etc.). In the process I took the sump guard off and was somewhat surprised about the deep gouges and overall abrasion added over the last year (see pic). Nothing serious but if I keep going like that I will need to weld up another steel strip sometimes.

    Maybe I should take it easier on speedbumps and rocks on the road....

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      Ah, that is a way to do it....but I am not going to screw up (literally) my carefully adjusted suspension setting :)

      My sump runs about 3" ground clearance with the 15" wheels but obviously the sump guard steals almost an inch and makes contact more probable, but without serious consequences.



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        Gert, the alternative is my broken oil pan. That's the one that let out all the oil and destroyed my engine. I will take a scratched up sump guard any day!


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          Sumpguard sourcing

          If you don't mind me asking, where'd'ya get the sumpguard? Purchased or fabricated?


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            Hi Kiwi, no this ain't a secret...

            when I purchased my car (used) it had a simple steel sheet sump guard already installed. It is about 60/1000 thick. Don't know where the previous owner got it from but it looked professionally cut and folded. Probably a Birkin dealer supplied it.

            2 years ago I had an encounter with a rock that almost punched a hole in this steel sheet and still managed to break one of the cooling fins off my sump pan (no crack however). After that I ironed out the fist size dent made by the rock and welded the fierce looking armor to the front and the sides of the sump. Since then I have crunched many rocks (which are abundant in the local canyons) without consequences. It makes a very satisfying noise :)

            It is nice not needing to decide at high speed if to better break the sump, hit the rocky slope or scare oncoming traffic.

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              Gert, thanks for info. Looks like I will need to get one fabricated. I used to have a 3/8" aluminum skidplate on a rally car, it gave good protection without much weight, and was easily reproduced.

              All the best


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                3/8 aluminum sounds good, definitely more elegant than my cheapo solution.

                If you just want a "skid plate" to rub over speed bumps, slightly bottom out in dips or avoid otherwise abrading the sump pan I heard some people had good success with thick HDPE plastic sheets.

                If you want to protect yourself from objects like rocks (or oil rig valve parts like a fellow on the USA2005 tour) that impact locally on the front of the sump you will need something more rigid and some clearance between sump guard and sump pan.

                What are you building?