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Nice site.

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  • Nice site.

    I ran across this site when I was looking for Tillet seats.

    Interesting stuff.

    /Magnus F.

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    ... Sadly enough it turns out that they do not deliver to the U.S. due to litigious reasons.


    /Magnus F.


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      Although MOG may not sell to US customers, Fluke Motorsport their UK dealer is happy to take our money. I purchased my MOG seats through Graeme at Fluke ( who was very responsive both pre and post sale.

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        I tried to convince Joachim that citizens of the U S ( U Sue) only sue organizations that have LOTS of money. All for naught unfortunately. He will sell to you if you're there, or sell and ship anywhere else but to the US. He won't ship anything stateside as that is where the exposure is, or so he described.

        Btw, he's a very interesting fellow, probably mid 30s, a carpenter by trade originally who did very well building grocery stores (sort of a German equivalent of a super store actually) around the Rhine and other portions of der Vaterland. He told me he was instantly fast in a 7, a statement I didn't disupte because of all the throphies on display in his workshop.

        I picked up a few things while I was there. Nothing to make my car faster mind (in reference to another thread), just several items to feed my carbon fetish.

        Edited to add: Jeez Magnus, at the rate you're upgrading you might as well have purchased that CSR;)
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          I believe Freestyle sell some of the MOG stuff, too. That's what the Freestyle web page indicates, anyway.
          - Sean