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AROSC Time Trial at Las Vegas Speedway - 10/18 & 19/03

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  • AROSC Time Trial at Las Vegas Speedway - 10/18 & 19/03

    My recent AROSC weekend at Las Vegas Speedway road course was truly a lot of fun. This track was very challenging to learn but also well suited for the lightness and quickness of a Seven. 2.3 miles and about 24 corners kept me busy! The problem was, the course is flat and featureless making it necessary to memorize every corner much as a ski racer learns a slalom. Only in my final timed runs did it feel comfortable really pushing and driving the car. In another sense we were very privileged. This event, hosted by the Alfa Romeo Owners was the first event held on the newly configured Las Vegas Speedway road course; we laid down the first racing lines and broke it in!

    I'd also like to thank our U.S. Air Force for a dazzling display of the country's finest flight equipment. With the track's proximity to Nellis Air Force Base, we were constantly entertained by Stealth Fighters, B-1s and B-2s, F-18s, and a whole host of others.

    So, what else would it have taken to make a terrific track weekend perfect? Well, we need more Sevens participating. I know you're out there, just come along and run!! Just five of us and we'd have our own class.

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    Clark, Did you use the infield course within the superspeedway or the external course in the nearby desert? I'd like to make an event there next year, but need to get a trailer since I don't have tires that I want to "use up" by driving to LV on them. Hope to see ya there next time :!: 8)


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      Las Vegas Track Configuration - AROSC Time-Trial

      The track configuration used for the recent AROSC time-trial and race was outside the speedway and accessed through Gate 4. I've never driven the interior course, so cannot offer any comparison. However, I can say that the course we drove is a real driver's track! Not too many places to relax. If you'd like, I can FAX you a copy of the track map. I don't think the Las Vegas Speedway website includes one.