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Whoa, Angeles Forest Traffic

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  • Whoa, Angeles Forest Traffic

    I went up Hwy2 and Angeles Forest Hwy, of course just for scientific purposes to fine tune my new throttle pot setup.

    Very nice sunny and cold, a few icy spots and 3 (three!) separately crashed cars within 15 minutes, one against the rocks, one on the roof and one down the slope. Half a dozen ambulances and a helicopter. Did not expect it that busy this morning.


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    Hi Gert,
    Last Saturday after I left your house, I went up Hwy 2 and yes, there was a lot of traffic. Once I got to the Angeles Forest Hwy cutoff to Palmdale, I had the road to myself except for an occasional motorcycle. I took Mt. Emma Rd. and was cruising pretty fast when a dozen motorcyclists zoomed past me like I was standing still!
    I went all the way up to Wrightwood which was a mistake as there were a lot of people parked on the side of the road playing in the snow, and the road was covered with cinders. Very slow going with lots of traffic and pedestrians.
    I enjoy the the drive from Wrightwood to Newcomb's Ranch (both directions) and I've done it enough times now that I'm beginning to remember most of the turns. It will be even nicer once everything is green and blooming this spring (well, except for my allergies!).